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JSC Minimax-94 is the leader in its field

Minimax-94 is a research company established in 1994. Ty it is one of the leading companies in Russia specializing in the creation and maintenance of intelligent transport systems.

Minimax-94, unlike many other companies, offers a fully integrated process in creating intelligent transport systems:

•Development of equipment

•Production of equipment

•Software development

•Design and survey work

•Installation and commissioning of equipment and software

•Commissioning of the system and user training

•Maintenance of equipment and software

•Technical support (24 hours a day)

The main strategy of the company is to develop its own innovative products, taking into account peculiarities of the Russian roads and climate, specifics of the market and customer requirements.

A certified quality management system is applied in the company (ISO 9001 standard).

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Standard autonomous highway weather station

 датчик температуры и влажности.jpg

The temperature and humidity sensor (THS) is intended for measurement of temperature and humidity of the air.


The precipitation sensor is designed to determine the type and change in amount of solid and liquid precipitation.

Датчик состояния дорожного покрытия.jpg

The road surface condition sensor (RSCS) is used for measuring the salt concentration and the thickness of the surface water on the roadway, and the detection of ice on the surface.

Датчик температуры дорожного полотна.jpg

Road Surface Temperature Sensor (RSTS) is used for measuring the temperature of the road   surface and at a depth of up to 40 mm.

Видеонаблюдение за погодой на дороге.png

The meteorological system video complex is used for visual inspection of the condition of road sections, and provides:

1. video data transmission for visual monitoring of the traffic situation.

2. transmitting and receiving visual data on the condition of the road surface parameters.

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Marry christmas and happy new year 2019

Marry christmas and happy new year 2019

Marry christmas and happy new year 2019

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Project map

Project map

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